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Pipe Cleaning and High Pressure Jetting

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Combo Unit

At Innerline Engineering Inc. we take pride in every job we perform. Our jetter operators are factory trained and applications certified to perform where others cannot. We study the science of pipe cleaning in order to maximize the cleaning potential of our equipment.

Our combination trucks are thoroughly inspected daily and just as important the equipment and tools that are so vital to the performance of each machine are thoroughly tested each week.

  • Have you looked closely at the caliber of jetting operators that have been servicing you lately?
  • How often does the operator have to fill his tanks with water?
  • Does the operator explain what type of nozzle he is using for the specific tasks and why?
  • Does the operator carry a variety of nozzles and tools to cover most any situation?

The questions above have everything to do with time, performance and service to you the customer. Are you really getting your money's worth?

Every time an operator fills up with water, you are paying for the idle time. It should not be a concern if the frequency of fill-ups matches the GPM (gallons per minute) specifications for the pump, hose diameter and hose length. However, if the application requires a specific nozzle design and the operator selects the wrong nozzzle, you are paying for the loss of time.

Join our list of satisfied clients and consider us the next time you have a need for precision, cost-effective jettingĀ services.