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Innerline Engineering now offers Hydro Excavation Services. This safer alternative for nondestructive excavation is ideal for underground utility and pipe location, sign and pole installation, water line repair, slot trenching, directional drilling and pothole digging.

When working around underground utilities, standard digging is not always the best option. A backhoe, for example, can cause tremendous damage when digging around sewer pipe, storm drains, electrical, cable TV or gas lines.

Hydroexcavation is a safe alternative process that uses water to loosen the soil, while a high-flow vacuum removes the soil and rock without damaging or disrupting lines. THis significantly reduces the safety and financial risks associated with utility line strikes.

Pothole digging is a safer and more practical method for locating utilities with hydroexcavation. A single pothole 10" in diameter can be dug at a depth of up to 25 feet in mere minutes.

Please contact us for more information about this exciting new service.