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Below is a selection of articles written by or about Innerline Engineering, its clients, services and industry expertise

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1   Link   White Collar, Blue Collar
Innerline Engineering thrives by finding and developing employees with a unique blend of skills and interests. - Written by Angus W. Stocking
2   Link   Finding Success in Specialization
Innerline Engineering Concentrates on Technology Advancements - by Kelly Pickerel
3   Link   Racing Against The Clock
A California water district teams with Innerline Engineering to check the condition of a 40,000-foot feeder line in just four days.- Written by Suzan Marie Chin
4   Link   Leading with Vision
Too often, management is overlooked as a key ingredient in a successful CCTV inspection program. - Written by Jim Aanderud
5   Link   Great Tehnology Doesn't Run Itself
People are the most important component of a combo truck - Written by Jim Aanderud
6   Link   Use Your Time Wisely
Agency advice: Establishing a successful CCTV inspection program takes careful planning, attention to detail and plenty of hard work - Written by Jim Aanderud
7   Link   Save the Data
Proper management of CCTV files is important for you and your customers. - Written by Jim Aanderud
8   Link   What Customers See
It takes more than quality work to create a positive image. It's essential to convey professionalism in every public contact - Written by Jim Aanderud
9   Link   The Skills to Succeed
Owning your own cleaning or inspection business requires years of training and preparation - Written by Jim Aanderud
10   Link   Filling the Pipeline
In many cases, the best way to find high-quality CCTV inspection operators is to find people with the right personal attributes and train them yourself - Written by Jim Aanderud
11   Link   How to Keep CCTV Repair Costs Low
CCTV inspection equipment is most commonly damaged during insertion and removal through the manhole. Proper training and care is critical to keeping your operation up and running. - By Jim Aanderud
12   Link   Bidding for Success
Understanding the real cost of business will keep you profitable - Written by Jim Aanderud
13   Link   Eyes Underground
Highly skilled CCTV Inspection operators are critical to a successful pipeline repair and rehabilitation program. - Written by Jim Aanderud
14   Link   Rough Terrain
Innerline Engineering is part of a team that surveys 50 miles of sewers in remote canyons around the City of San Diego. - Written by Jim Aanderud
15   Link   Due Diligence
A CCTV inspection van is a major investment. Before choosing equipment, weigh all the costs and consider all the vaiables in light of your program goals. - Written by Jim Aanderud
16   Link   Heart Care for CCTV
As marvelous as pipe inspection equipment can be, it won't perform to its full potential without well-maintained computing power behind it - Written by Jim Aanderud
17   Link   Make More Money
Contractor Advice: Establishing a successful CCTV inspection program takes careful planning, attention to detail and plenty of ha4rd work - Written by Jim Aanderud
18   Link   Border Crossing
Innerline Engineering inspects a tunnel found by the Department of Homeland Security at the US/Mexican border. - Written by Jim Aanderud
19   Link   Tough to Reach
The right equipment and a little creativity can help work crews perform high-quality inspections in the most challenging places. - Written by Jim Aanderud
20   Link   Visual Aid
A well designed RFP process is essential when hiring a contractor to support municipal staff in pipeline inspecitonl. - Written by Jim Aanderud
21   Link   Playing the Float
At high flows in large-diameter pipes, boat or pontoon platforms provide an alternative for performing top-quality video inspections. - Written by Jim Aanderud
22   Link   Steps to Consider
Steps to consider when establishing CCTV inspection programs. Written by Jim Aanderud
23   Link   Inspection Operator Selection
Inspection operator selection is the key to CCTV program success. - Written by Jim Aanderud
24   Link   Pipeline Inspections Through the Years
Digital recordings have changed the way pipeline inspections are viewed and stored - Written by Jim Aanderud
25   Link   Put Up Your Guard
Developinga high comfort level and failing to set up a safety zone around open manholes can lead to disaster - By Jim Aanderud
26   Link   Keep Your Workers Safe With Traffic Control
Few contractors consider cleaning jobs dangerous, but for those who work in and around traffic, a constant reminder of every day dangers is warranted. - Written by Jim Aanderud
27   Link   All Competent Hands On Deck
Getting a jetting operator that is experienced and able to fulfill our immediate needs requires a full vetting of the candidate - Written by Jim Aanderud
28   Link   Protect Your Hearing on Combination Units
Combination units are workhorses, but the sounds generated from them can gradually damage hearing. - Written by Jim Aanderud
29   Link   Basic Tools to Have on Hand for Pipeline Inspections
Here are 10 basic tools every CCTV van should include to ensure inspections are done safely and efficiently - by Jim Aanderud
30   Link   Tips for Buying Your Next CCTV Van
Need help shopping for your next CCTV inspection van for your drain cleaning company? Look no further - Written by Jim Aanderud